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I run social media accounts for all of my retainer clients and tend to find that project work usually includes an element of social media too.

Most of my clients have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram presence and I work closely with them to create interesting and engaging content in order to grow audiences and raise brand awareness.

Social media is often a collaborative effort and I sometimes find that clients wish to retain a level of involvement, to manage elements of customer service, for example. However, for other clients I provide a full service for them and ensure that we are in regular contact so that I can keep abreast of developments in their businesses in order to best understand their requirements and post up-to-date content across their channels.


One of my clients, a national catering butcher, also has a small chain of retail stores across the Midlands and I work with a freelance colleague to manage their B2C Facebook page.

When we took over the page towards the end of 2016 it wasn’t displaying regular or engaging content to followers, of which there were 2,109 at the time. The page had an average weekly reach of between three and 51 people.

We grew this significantly in 2017, more than doubling the number of page followers. This steady growth was intentional as our aim was to target followers who were genuinely interested in the brand and would therefore engage with the content we were creating.

During the first week of December 2017 we organically reached 21,523 people and were delighted to increase this to 45,071 during the first week of December 2018 - more than doubling our highest organic reach achievement. At that time we had also grown the page to have a total of 5,967 followers - an increase of 1,713 in a year and 3,858 since we took over.

We continue to work hard to provide a 24/7 customer service platform for this client and support our content with professional images we have commissioned. Facebook's algorithms favour pages that create an online 'commmunity', which means that our reach and engagement for this customer continues to grow.

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